Saturday, November 22, 2014

25 random things about me

So, here is an unusual post from me. It's has been like forever since I told you that I was preparing a personal post for you in order to get to know me a little bit better. I received a couple of questions from you too and here is the result:
1) Give me donuts and muffins and you can make me one happy kiddo! 
2) I’m an only child but I never felt like one because ever since I can remember myself I've had my best friend Demie who is more than a sister to me.
3) I wish one day I'll own a Chanel Boy Bag.
4) I have never ever tried to smoke a cigarette.
5) My favorite movie of all time is "The notebook" (yes I'm a romance junkie).
6) I listen to almost every kind of music. Actually I have playlists with my favorite songs from all kinds of music (including songs from every decade). My favorite song at the moment is “My love” by Kovacs.
7) I started drinking coffee one year ago (weirdo or what?!) and now my favorite and the only coffee that I actually enjoy drinking is filter coffee/americano with a shot of hazelnut.
8) Leave me in front of a fireplace and I could stay there forever.
9) I adore flowers. I consider them to be one of the best gifts for a girl. My favorites are orchids and peonies.
10) My big flaw has to be my perfectionism.
11) “Quality over quantity" is definitely my life motto!
12) When I’m happy or pretty excited about something, I get really talkative. 
13) At the moment my favorite food is gnocchi with roquefort cheese cream. 
14) I have a thing for transparent accessories and transparent home decoration stuff.
15) I love Instagram.
16) My big love and obsession is fashion (really?!...I'm kidding). My second biggest love is decoration.
17) I like kind and down-to-earth people.
18) I appreciate a good sense of humor in people.
19) I'm a hopeless romantic.
20) I enjoy watching football (surprise!).
21) If you read my blog, you already know that my favorite season is spring.
22) I think that Argentine Tango and Paso Doble are the most passionate dances and since I've always admired people who can dance like this, taking dance lessons is definitely on my bucket list.
23) I’m in love with my hometown, Xanthi (Greece).
24) Few months ago I watched the TV show "The big C" and it instantly became my favorite. Laura Linney gave the most riveting performance I've ever seen. I unreservedly recommend it because it makes you see life from a different perspective.
25 ) My dreamy destinations are NY, Spain and Italy. I also imagine spending my vacation in a beautiful hacienda in Mexico (heaven on earth!).
I would really love to know if we have things in common so let me know on your comments! 


  1. Loved reading these facts abt ya!

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  2. I m totally agree with all of these points.


  3. Girl, loved reading this!!! #12 is so me, lol. Oh! And I also can relate with #3 (among many others!)
    I live in Argentina so if you ever come here I'll be happy to take you to the best places for some quick Tango lessons ;) Warning: it's hard not to have crushes after crushes on young Tango dancers :o ;)

  4. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 25 I'm just like you ;)

  5. Nice blog :)
    I'm following you on GFC ;-) Follow back ? ♥

  6. 1, 3, 4 and 15!! totally with you on that!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. we have many things in common :) beautiful blog :) and i just followed you, maybe you'd like to follow back :D

  8. I think every girl should someday own a chanel bag.

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    xx, Jodi

  9. Lovely post and great facts!


  10. Great post, always enjoy reading these!

    Jules x

  11. You look so cozy and casually sexy in this shot! The hair, the fireplace, everything is just working!
    Thank you for visiting sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Xx- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. #12! same with me! haha. I'll really really talkative when I was excited about something

    Check this out! New post here hehe :

  13. Such an honest and wonderful post! I, too, am a perfectionist. I could relate to a LOT of your facts actually, thank you for sharing!! <3 You just gained a new follower!

  14. Great post! OMG 19th!! I'm a hopeless romantic too and that causes so mush trouble, doesn't it?

  15. Love it, sweetie ^_^



  16. Lovely post dear!

  17. i really loved this post!
    we have so much in common! :)


  18. Great write up. Love this post, feels like I actually know you now.

  19. Happy New Year and all the best!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  20. I love peonies and being a perfectionist is definitely one of my biggest flaws! Thanks for sharing! It was wonderful getting to know you!

  21. very interesting! I think you are a great person :)) also the same goes for coffee for me too haha ¨! but I only like one with vanilla

  22. I love football too! ;)

    I've recently relaunched my website and would love if you could visit and let me know your thoughts!

    Helen xx

  23. nice post :) yes, i follow you on gfc, follow back?

  24. never smoked a cigarette? oh wow impressive

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