Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad hair day?? No! Just "ombre hairstyle"!

You are probably thinking, what is Ombre hair, right? Ombre hair is a hair color trend where you go from pale to dark graduation of colors throughout the head. It can be done on all various lengths of hair, and go from light to dark or vice versa dark to light. Celebrities, models, actresses and fashionistas have adopted this hairstyle and that's why it is rapidly gaining popularity!

My favorites samples are: 



  1. ombre is gooooood :)
    Χωρίς πλάκα, ωραίο, ατημέλητο hairstyle...
    the one not expected from a celebrity to have!

  2. It's not expected from a celebrity but it's a new trend and celebs looooove and follow new trends ;) Τέλειο ατημέλητο όντως,αλλά για να αποκτήσεις αυτό το ατημέλητο πρέπει να ξοδέψεις πολλές ώρες στο κομμωτήριο!!