Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Berlin Diary (Part 1)

They say that "travel expands the mind and fills the gap" and I couldn't agree more. Everytime I get to travel to different places, I feel completely renewed. So, it's easy for you to imagine how fascinated I was by my visit to Berlin. There is another quote that says "better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times" which is also true. The feeling you get when you see with your own eyes places which you only saw in photos is unique. Traveling is great because you fill your mind and heart with many experiences. However, when you travel with your favorite people then you gain unforgettable and priceless experiences. For me, Berlin was a one of a kind experience since I visited this beautiful city not only with my boyfriend, but also with our beloved friends (and best-guides-ever) Demie and Flo.

1st look: Crop Top - Stradivarius | Skirt & Bag - Zara | Shoes - Converse | Hat - H&M 
2nd look: Crop Top - Stradivarius | Pants - Bershka | Bag - Zara | Shoes -  Local Store | Hat - H&M 


  1. so much fun
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  2. Wow, I'm in love seeing those books in the last photo! <3 I went to Alexanderplatz on my trip to Berlin as well. What camera do you use? These photos are gorgeous!

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  3. Beautiful photos-I love the hat as well!xo

  4. Nice photos. Berlin is a beautiful city.


  5. I love your photos! My London photo diary just went live on my blog! Check it out xx

  6. Lovely :)

  7. Oh, travelling is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? I love both the quotes you featured here and ah, I wish I could experience both of them but I hardly ever travel because of expenses and familial obstacles, but I'm hoping to travel around our region the end of this year so fingers crossed for that!

    Berlin looks absolutely wonderful! My brother's been there and he's told us countless tales about the place, and it makes me want to go all that much! Plus, the pretzel looks amazing, hahaha, I love your hat, by the way!

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  8. Beautiful photos, great post! :)

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  9. you look lovely and the photos are gorgeous

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  10. Beautiful photos! I would love to go back to Berlin!


  11. The place is perfect for walking and sight seeing
    Your outfit looks nice too

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  12. HAIR GOALS<3 I am in love with your blog and the pictures are just so pretty thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  13. Amazing photos and love your hat!

  14. Great pictures!!
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  15. You really captured Berlin the beautiful way :)

  16. I love it!
    The pics are great and i love every single detail :)
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  17. Nice pictures!

    XoXo nikki