Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you in the Christmas mood?

I'm sure that you are (!) and I guess that you have already ticked in your "Things to do" list  :

1) Watch "Home Alone 1&2" (DONE)
2) Bake cookies with my little cousin (DONE)
3) Write a letter to Santa Claus (DONE)
4) Become a child once again listening Christmas songs and carols (DONE)
5) Drink a cup of hot chocolate and play board games with my best friend (DONE)
6) Write and send Christmas cards (DONE)
7) Buy presents for my family and friends (DONE)
8) Find the perfect outfit for New Year's Eve (?????) Not yet??Don't worry! I have suggestions to make!

ZARA surprise us with a NEW EVENING COLLECTION just on time for Christmas and New Year's Eve!!! I'm really impressed by the designs and the fabrics and I think that these outfits are really chic, glamorous and appropriate for a celebration day!!!

What do you think?

And my favorite one:

Princess style...Just in love with it!!!


  1. I ♥ Zara
    & these outfits are great!
    my favourite is the white one *-*

  2. I love Zara's collections too! These outfits rocks! The white one is romantic-style and so pretty!! ;)