Thursday, December 23, 2010

Only girl in the world...

I'm sooo amazed by Rihanna's new video clip that I just had to share it with you!! :)
One word can describe this video :  MASTERPIECE!

To begin with, the song rocks (great music and lyrics...this beat makes you wanna dance)!!! In addition, my notes will make you understand why this video simply blew my mind :

1) Amazing direction, locations and colours (red, pink, ivory)

2) P E R F E CT  outfits!!!!! Romantic - vintage style (want it badly <3 )....

Reminds me a little girl that is dressed like a "fairy-princess"...cute ;)
Huge rose + silver outfit = CHANNEL style
Hairstyle = Carrie, Sex and the city 2 "Karaoke scene"

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