Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fergalicious... idol!

I'm a big fan of Black Eyed Peas since....ever!!!! So, I have to show you why Fergie (the female lead singer of BEP) is one of my favorite style icons....

Firstly, her outfits in their performances (especially in the past) were a great combination of funky and sporty style :

What about her casual clothing? It's simple yet pretty! She chooses skinny jeans or colored skinny trousers with printed T-shirts and leather jackets! She doesn't forget the accessories: sunglasses, hats, leather bags and high heels (of course!) :

When she has a business appointment or an appearance on a TV show, she is still stylish and glamorous :

The left outfit is an Alexander McQueen's masterpiece!!

Last but not least, RED CARPET!!! She shines like a true star :

Left : Jenny Packham's glimmering silver dress, Right : Calvin Klein's canary yellow gown!

I really admire her sense of style whether it's casual or formal and I get inspired from her daily choices...she is a great fashion influence!


  1. She looks so great, no matter what she's wearing *-*
    & I love her voice (but I don't like BEP anymore... though their songs are really cool to dance ;D)


  2. Fergie rocks with her voice and her style too! Love her... A great fashion icon for me ;)

    Greetings to you Lara!

  3. Fergie is def a risk taker when it comes to clothing. I love her dark hair the most on her, it's chic.


  4. I couldn't agree more with you ;)