Saturday, February 19, 2011

When simplicity meets fashion in music videos... (Part 2)

"HURTS" continue to surprise and thrill us with their new song called "Stay" which refers to an unfulfilled and unconfessed love (if you pay attention to the lyrics):

My whole life, waiting for the right time to tell you how I feel
And though I tried to tell you that I need you, here I am without you
I feel so lost but what can I do? Cause I know this love seems real but
I don't know how to feel ...

A really beautiful song that screams "STAY!!" to your beloved one...

We say goodbye in the pouring rain and I break down as you walk away (Stay) (Stay)
Cause all my life I've felt this way but I could never find the words to say (Stay!) (Stay!) ...

Hurts - Stay

* Simplicity and minimalism consist the dominant theme once again in this music video. As you may have noticed, pale tones (such as grey, green and cream) underlie the whole senario and direction, in which an "earth motif" is detected. The reason why this motif exists is that this video contains three basic earth elements: Sea, Wind, Rocks!

* As far as the dancers are concerned, I have to say that in my opinion they must represent group's consciousness when they sing (do the vocals) : "Stay... stay"! They are something like HURTS's muses that's why they appear in almost every video. Through their dance they support the lyrics of the song. In addition to this, the wind that blows their (simple yet chic and pretty) outfits and veils gives a refreshing touch to the scenery ...

* The main theme: LOVE!!!

I hope that "Hurts" will keep on doing such a great music and videos so that we will have the chance to enjoy their beautiful and inspired work...

So change your mind and say you're mine
Don't leave tonight...STAY...


  1. Absolutely in looove with this particular post and especially with your aspect on the meaning of the voices!I mean I had never thought that before although I knew it must have meant something.You really see their music in depth!Oh,and as for the outfits I would like to add that I absolutely looove love love the earth colours of the woman's dress.She is like a fairy-dressed princess.Unique.
    Great Job sweety thanks for sharing!!!

    Love you and I am sooo proud of you!!!
    Demie xxx

  2. Thank you very much ... I am so amazed by their inspired music and videos that I just couldn't skip them from my blog ...I HAD to share it with all my readers... Generally I like to write about everything that draw my attetion and it's related to fashion... I happy that you like so much my posts.. And I love you ..thank you for supporting me ..

    Hugs and Kisses :)

  3. Hey Evi,

    Thanks for sharing this band! I'd never heard of them before (maybe i've been living under a rock?!)

    Such a beautiful vid too.

    Thanks for stopping by hun!

  4. Beautiful!! very nice post.

  5. Thank you girls!!! :)Glad that you liked it ..

    Evi, xoxo

  6. omg so beautiful!!!!
    i am following!!great style and blog you got there!!hope to see u on my list as well!!!

  7. Hey you!I have just awarded your great great blog with the ''Versatile Blogger Award''!!
    Visit my blog and follow the instructions!!

    Demie xxx

  8. OH you made my day!!!!! Thank you honey...I feel so honored and happy...!!! Congratulations for your award too , YOU DESERVED IT ;)